Blog Post created by SuzyQ411 on Mar 6, 2020



 Tonight, these cute- looking little guys and gals showed up unexpectedly.

But I must tell you they aren't as cute as they look. They fussed so loudly for attention that I could feel my stress level rising.


Their clamoring voices irritated me, their demands exhausted me and I just wanted to shut them up.


" Okay!! Okay!! You win!"  I said in an exasperated voice as I glared at their pestering faces. 


These particular robots-- not unlike cigarettes-- were programmed to be the center of attention. To be demanding. Bold. Insistent. And unremitting.


They drove me to distraction and I caved.


But , thank Heavens, there is an additional skill we can all learn to keep from caving to the craving.


According to a blog post in very well mind one can control such emotional responses through the skill of self-regulation. In essence this skill is built through learning "how to manage disruptive emotions and impulses"... (and how to stop and) " think before acting". 


From the standpoint of giving into cravings, it seems that learning the skill of self-regulation could be a worthy addition to our toolboxes.


To learn more, check this out :


To be a successful forever quitter, we need to master many skills. We can never have too many.