Smoking Cessation and Dreams

Blog Post created by SuzyQ411 on Feb 7, 2020

I'm one month into my recovery from nicotine addiction. I'm using nicotine patches to help me wean off this chemical substance in tobacco.


This past week or so, I have been having vivid dreams. Take last night for example. Sometime before daybreak I was awakened in the middle of a dream. I was audibly chuckling at the humorous yet bizarre give and take of words that were playing out in my brain. And I was amazed by their ingenuity.


"Get up and write this down" my mind commanded. "If not, you'll forget the cleverness of this exceptional exchange."


Well, the bed was warm, the blanket cuddly. So I didn't get up. And I've forgotten the words. But the awe of the experience remains.


So why am I having these vivid dreams,  I've been wondering. Just a little bit of research and I found the culprit: nicotine patches. And the solution is a simple one: just remove the patch before going to bed!