Blog Post created by SuzyQ411 on Jan 16, 2020

When I relapsed in December, I was afraid I might not have another comeback in me.


Even so, I took advantage of those days by getting ready to quit again:


Research and reading for education. Got into Alan Carr's book "Easy Way to Quit Smoking."


Took a look at my quit tool box; made a few changes, added a few things.


Prayed that I could/would quit again.


As my chosen date of January 6, 2020 rolled around, I woke up ready to get on with this business of quitting. 


I was surprised and greatly relieved.


One major difference in this quit came from an idea in one of Giulia's blogs.


I pledged as collateral a cherished gift. A palm-sized wooden cross, given to me for comfort after my husband's death.


By placing that treasure as collateral, it meant should I fail at this quit, I could no longer hang onto the cross. I would have to give it away.


In setting up this collateral arrangement, I elevated my quit to being more precious than my beloved cross.


For that's the only way I will get to hang onto my treasured gift.


By never smoking again.


Today, I am ten days free of cigarettes.