Blog Post created by SuzyQ411 on Jan 3, 2020

Dear Cigarettes,

I openly welcomed you into my life at 15. My boyfriend smoked and shared you with me. My girlfriend would sneak you from her Dad for me. I stole you from my parents’ packs and sneaked into the cellar with you.

My first paycheck at 17 bought me a whole carton of you. It was no time until I was smoking up to two packs a day of you. But were you appreciative? No!!

I cared for you deeply, but I came to realize you did not care for me.

Right from the start, you were deceitful. You convinced me I could get through anything life handed out as long as I had you by my side. You misused me: You gave me migraine headaches, played havoc with my heart and lungs, and messed up my circulation.

When I decided to leave, you taunted me. Told me I could not get along without you. I came to believe you and went back to you. But I was wrong.

I’m here to tell you that I do not want you in my life anymore. I am through listening to your lies. I am done with you. Taunt me, if you must, but my ears are now deaf to you. I am leaving for good this time.

Goodbye Forever.