Starting again...

Blog Post created by Suzinut on Nov 24, 2020

When people say you cant have just one they arent kidding.  I had one the other day which turned into about 10 over the last 4 days.  I wasnt going to start from day 0 because i was thinking a slip up shouldnt erase my almost 50 days but i see it has to be.  I dropped the ball and i have to face the music.  My name is susan and i am 54 years old.  I have a 15 year old daughter who is my life.  I was diagnosed with lung nodules back in august and that was when i said that i HAD TO QUIT and hoping its not too late.  I have a repeat scan in february and i have been stressing everyday since the diagnosis.  I have to get off of google.  I pray everyday that God will give me another xhance to make this right.  And then i had the nerve to go and smoke again.  I know now that i need to come here everday.  I stopped coming everday be ause I thought "i got this"...well, i don't.  I need the support and remember the reasons for coming here in the first place.  My quit buddy RoseH had to leave the site for some reason and then i stopped dropping by.  If anyone out there wants to be my quit buddy I surely would appreciate it.  I have learned now that i have to reach out when the craving sfrikes BEFORE i light up.  And i have to internalize NOPE...not one puff ever....God bless me and all of u in this struggle to freedom.