Yay 10 years

Blog Post created by Susan57 on Sep 1, 2019

Wow, 10 years ago that was the end of smoking and the new beginning of a life I never knew existed.


i started smoking as a very young teenager in the 60’s, yes when cigarettes were affordable, I had no idea this was now a big part of my life.


No longer did I want this habit and giving it up was not an easy one but I did it. Mostly eating which I found the best way, chewing gum, volunteering, and keeping as busy as possible. My character was on the “crabby” side because I gave up my best friend, “I thought “ that had plans of taking my life in a unpleasant way. Believe me, I never thought I could give this habit up, many times I tried, the first 3 days were always the easiest and when times got tough I lit up. You see I smoked for about 45 years or so and gave this nasty habit up Cold Turkey, it’s not easy but it can be done and if I can do it I know you can do it.


so start your new journey and eat, keep busy, and soon you’ll be smoke free and onto a life you will enjoy! Like I said if I can do it you certainly can, Good Luck and God Bless.


another good site to visit is   You’ll find some interesting facts




Susan Sweet