How I got here (1000 DOF)

Blog Post created by Summer-Rain on Oct 3, 2017

Thanks to everyone that acknowledged my milestone today.  Your shout outs are appreciated and very motivating.  This blog is to share with the newbies about how I got here.  If I can can you.


  It started with a commitment since willpower never worked for me.

   I took one day at a time but most days I took one hour at a time.

   I stayed busy - I found I had more time on my hands so I cleaned things I had been neglecting.

   I stopped all adult beverages and coffee.....major trigger for me.

    For the first few months I avoided social situations where people smoked.

   I didn't worry about weight gain.  Although I tried to eat healthy I didn't beat myself up if I binged on chocolate and    chips.

   I brushed my teeth 3 times a day.

   I kept an emergency kit of cinnamon candy and coffee stir sticks for that hand/mouth habit I had.

   I lived on this site.  Some time to blog but most times just to read other blogs. I found strength and encouragement    here.


I hope my list help someone make it to their next milestone.....Just stay totally committed to live a smoke free life.  Our life depends on it.


The journey continues.