People attending the EX Reunion on Sunday

Blog Post created by Strudel on Jul 25, 2020

If you signed up for the EX Zoom reunion on Sunday, you should have received two emails yesterday from Mark, EX Admin. They should provide you with the info you need to attend. If you have any questions - please, let me know here.

PLEASE - check your “messages”! If you are a newer member here, I may have sent you a private message asking for a question to use during our “Ask an Elder” session which Giulia will be doing. If you did not receive the message, or you can’t find it - please submit a question here in a comment below. Even elders - feel free to join in and ask an “elder to elder” question! Thanks! 



Just a reminder - each participant will be called on to introduce themselves- giving their name, screen name, quit date, location, and to answer one of the questions below. (Just let me know by private message if you would prefer not to be called on.) Thanks again! 


Answer one of the following questions:

  • What is the best advice you have received on EX?
  • Why is EX special to you? 
  • What is your favorite blog (yours or another person’s)? Please share. 
  • How long have you wanted to quit - describe your quit journey.