Special Day - Ten Years!

Blog Post created by Strudel on Jun 12, 2020

Today marks ten years since I quit smoking! I am so amazed to say has been incredible! I wrote blogs years ago about walking on my anniversary for the number of years quit. I can no longer do more than 3 miles (knee issues) - but, I did want to do something special today. I live very close to Guilford College (Greensboro, NC) which is where I graduated is only a few miles from my house. So I drove there, parked and walked around campus. It is beautiful! It is also very historic. As a Quaker institution it was opened in 1837. The area was part of the Underground Railroad. I knew that several years ago they had set up a trail through the woods behind the college in commemoration to the Underground Railroad - but I had never been there. I walked to the woods behind campus and eventually found the trail. I got lost a few times on the trail....but finally reached the end which has an incredible tree which has been there since the days of slavery and the UR. It was all such a special experience.....being in such a sacred and spiritual place. I did manage to walk 3 miles...not 10 - but that’s okay! 

Here are a few pics I took in the woods. Also a picture I have shared before of a bracelet I bought on my 2nd or 3rd anniversary to celebrate my quit. I think I will now retire it - it is pretty full. It has 8 beads and then 2 charms (a starfish as reminder of EX 5 and a butterfly because they are “free”) - to total 10 charms for 10 wonderful years!! 

Thank you to all of you here at EX - those who were here when I arrived in 2010 and helped me - and those who have come along the way in my journey - you have all made a difference in my life and in my quit! 

Love you all!