EX 8 gathering is canceled - and missing friends!

Blog Post created by Strudel on Mar 31, 2020

We have known for a while of course that we probably would not be able to gather for EX 8 in Virginia Beach in mid- May. With the announcement of a “stay at home order” for Virginia until June 10th, we knew it was time to make it official. It is very sad of course - but, as Giulia said this morning about it -   "because we can't get together this year just means the next get-together will be that much more meaningful and precious."

This is what we wrote in an email to folks last night - 


“As most of you have probably expected, we have decided to cancel EX 8 as planned in mid May. The governor of Virginia has announced a “stay at home order” until June 10th. Even if that is changed, I think that it just is not a safe time for any of us to travel. 
Even trying to predict when this will get better would be difficult at this time. Therefore, in my opinion, it will be best (at this point) not to attempt to set a new date. We will have to wait and see....
Please contact the hotel to cancel your individual reservations. 
Of course in the overall scheme of things in our world right now, this is a small thing. However, I know we will all miss seeing each other! The really important thing is that we all stay safe during this very troubling time. 
Please take care dear friends! 
Kathy, Laura, Brenda, and Jackie”


The song - “We Will Meet Again...” has always been a special to me - and I thought of it the other day in terms of missing all my friends. And now - thinking of missing seeing my dear EX friends - I am reminded of it again. The woman who made it famous in WWII - Dame Vera Lynn, turned 103 by sharing an inspiring message reminding listeners to 'keep singing'. (You can hear her voice at the end of the song.) 

“Music is so good for the soul, and during these hard times we must all help each other to find moments of joy. Keep smiling and keep singing."

(Hope that works - I don’t often post videos!)