Lung cancer 5 K

Blog Post created by Strudel on Nov 1, 2019

I am walking in a 5 K in the morning to raise money for lung cancer research. For those who don’t know I was diagnosed with Stage 1 lung cancer back in February. I didn’t have any symptoms- but decided to have the “low dose CT lung scan” recommended as a screening for former smokers. I smoked for 40 years.  (That is the reason for this blog - to remind others to consider this test. Please discuss it with your doctor.)


The scan showed a suspicious nodule which was then tested further with a PET scan which showed that it was cancer. They removed the right lower lobe of my lung where the cancer was located. That was 7 months ago. Although I still have some discomfort on that side of my chest, I feel fine overall - and I am back to walking 2 or 3 miles regularly. 

When I met my oncologist back in May he mentioned this lung cancer 5 K. He said I would be a perfect candidate to participate - since I like to walk and I am in good shape. (Having quit 9 years ago made a huge difference!)  Many of his lung cancer patients aren’t as lucky. I am very thankful that I had that screening test. So often lung cancer isn’t diagnosed until it is Stage 3 or 4. 


I picked up my packet and my shirt for the walk this afternoon. On the back of the shirt it says - SURVIVOR! That’s me for sure!