Update on lung cancer surgery

Blog Post created by Strudel on Mar 14, 2019
Please see my past few blogs if you aren’t aware of my situation. I met with the surgeon today - I really liked him. He thinks it is Stage 1 - but they will be checking lymph nodes to be sure. If it is in the nodes - more treatment will be needed. Looks like surgery on March 26. They will probably take the whole lobe - instead of just a section. That cuts risk of recurrence. (We have 5 lobes and since I am in good shape, he feels I can handle it.) He also said that if it is Stage 1, it is 80% curable. That wasn’t quite as optimistic as pulmonologist just saying “curable” - but it is still okay. I figure those statistics are looking at a very large group of people with lots of other health isssues and who may still be smoking. I don’t need toworry about that happening! 
He also said that the thyroid will often light up on PET without it being cancer - hope so! Will wait to deal with that until after taking care of the lung. 
Scary - yes, am I stressed - yes. Will I smoke - no way! 
I truly hope that I will be recovered in plenty of time to attend EX 7! 
Thanks for for all the love, support, and prayers!
And - please consider talking to your doctor about the Low Dose CT scan.