We have an EX 7 WINNER!

Blog Post created by Strudel on Jan 2, 2019

Well we have a winner for the location for EX 7 - Virginia Beach! There were 21 votes and 10 of those were for Virginia Beach. (There were 6 votes for Baltimore, 4 for Ocean Side, CA, and 1 for Pensacola, FL.)


We had our EX gathering in Virginia Beach in 2017 - and hopefully this one will also be well attended! For you newbies - we do an unofficial gathering of EX’ers once a year! PLEASE - plan to attend! I promise you will have the time of your life!


Our next step is to select a date. I will contact the woman at the hotel we used last time to check on available weekends in May and June. (Most seemed to like that hotel - so I hope returning there will be okay.) I will also find out the rates for the dates we will consider. After Memorial Day, the rates go up ..... however, the weather may be better in June. 


Please feel free to discuss things here and I will be back to discuss the dates. Thanks!