Remember to VOTE - EX 6

Blog Post created by Strudel on Nov 4, 2017

Remember to vote!!
We will soon be gathering once again as friends - made here at EX. We have been gathering since 2013. That year we met in Las Vegas. Many of us have attended every year since then – 2014 in Orlando, 2015 in Nashville, and then 2016 returning to Las Vegas. In 2017, we met in Virginia Beach, VA. These are informal gatherings of EX'ers -and the experience is amazing! 

We are hoping to get as many “new “attendees as possible this year! We have all bonded and made lifetime friends – so many of us are attending for the sixth time! However, we want to meet YOU!!! This is not only a wonderful way to meet folks from the site, put faces to avatars, thank those who have helped you along the way, have others thank you for your contributions here – it is also a perfect way to cement your quit!


We are now ready for folks to vote on a location for EX6.1. Please see the poll located at  EX 6.1 Destination  . Please ONLY VOTE if you are seriously considering attending the next EX gathering! The poll will be open for several one more week. (You are not committing to going - we just want to make sure we are getting input from folks who might actually consider coming!)


There will also be a West Coast gathering (EX 6.2) - more info on that to come in the future from SkyGirl.
Thanks also to dear pir8fan for the work he did to get us info about cruises!