Heading to Ireland

Blog Post created by Strudel on Sep 6, 2017

I am leaving on a big trip on this Friday. I will return on September 19th. This is my first international trip and I am very excited! My sister, Chris, and I are going to Ireland! (Some of the EX gathering attendees have met my sister.)


Our roots are primarily Irish (confirmed with a recent DNA check - I a, 90% Irish!) and we have wanted to travel there for a long time. When our dad passed away about three years ago, we decided to save the small life insurance money we received and put it towards this adventure. So, about a year ago we began planning. 


As a smoker, I would never have considered such a trip. So - this is amazing! I will admit, I am a bit anxious (mainly about leaving my 2 fur "babies") - but, nothing like I would be feeling if faced with being on a plane for several hours as a smoker! Not to mention all the other times that not smoking would be an issue as we travelled. Freedom will make this trip extra special! 


I am sending thoughts and prayers for all all of those in the path of Irma. Actually, since I live in NC - there may be some problems here depending on the track. (Another thing to worry about while I am gone....but, I have a great pet sitter and hopefully my home will be okay.) Everyone in the path - please take care 


So, I may not be here as much as usual in the next few weeks....just wanted to let you know! I will try to send a few pics along the way! (We will be in Ireland, Wales, and then England.) Take care all!