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You can still attend EX5!

Posted by Strudel Apr 18, 2017

We have recently had someone who needed to change their plans about attending EX5. (Due to a change in her family's schedule, she can no longer attend.) She has not cancelled her hotel room yet. Since the hotel is all booked up at this point, we would like to see if anyone is interested before she cancels. (This happened with another member and working with the hotel, we were able to transfer the reservation.) 

The EX5 gathering is the weekend of May 19th - 21st in Virginia Beach, VA. If you haven't heard about it - please check out the page at EX Weekend | 2017 | Virginia Beach, VA  . (The page includes pictures from our 4 previous gatherings!)

We currently have about 20 EX'ers attending and we would love to add some more! Please let me know if you are interested in the room. She will soon need to cancel it - so this is a limited time offer! I promise - you will have a blast!