Quitting One Day Early

Blog Post created by Strokeinthefamily on Apr 13, 2018

I changed my quit date from April 15th to April 14th. The reason being I have one cigarette left right now. If I do not quit until Sunday I will have to buy another pack today. I do not want to buy another pack. I do not smoke a pack a day and I know I will not throw the unfinished portion of the pack away, therefore when I was in town today I decided not to buy more. I will be out of cigarettes in a few minutes. This is going to be great to be done. Felt really good to decide not to buy any today.


I can't wait to text ZERO to my 4 accountability partners!! They have been encouraging me since Nov 21, 2017. Wonderful people.


By the way my mom is doing better. She is now able to eat a soft food diet and ground meat. The facility assessed her in her apartment with dad today. She thinks she passed but nothing official. She walked to the safe area with her walker. 


Things looking up.