Blog Post created by Strokeinthefamily on Apr 3, 2018

Controlling stress as a caregiver of loved ones is...I want to say, a joke. So controlling stress is not key to quitting? Can't be because I will quit, stress or not. Smoking adds to my stress.


My quit date is March 15th, 2018. I quit in January for 3 weeks, relapsed Feb 16th until now.


I have had accountability partners in place since Nov 2017. My pastor, yes my pastor I text daily how many I smoked today. His wife, my Bible Study teacher and a new best friend.


My main victory has been admitting I smoked to my church family, pastor, Sunday school class, bible study group, sewing circle. The duplicity and deceit were tearing me apart. Of course most were very gracious and many shared they were exsmokers. No one knew!


Took me a long taper to get to zero cigs a day. After 42 years an addict, many attempts, all nicotine replacement products tried and failed. 


Beat advice received was be kind and gentle to myself. I have never been kind and gentle to myself. As I've grown spiritually and discovered my Creator invented kindness and gentleness...who knew? Of course He did. Every good thing comes from Him. I' now kinder and gentler to others too.


I'm using NicordermCQ and lozenges. I smoke less than 10 a day since relapsing. My first quit I smoked a pack a day so I'm stoked! 


I don't plan to share my grief or details of my life until I know this site is safe and responsive. I used the Nicorrete website the first quit and it was amazing info and tips but not great members support as posts old, people come and mostly go. 


Congrats to everyone for quitting or attempting quitting. It is a lifestyle to unlearn one day at a time, over the rest of my lifetime. Proud and happy to be here.