Your life as a champion!

Blog Post created by Storm.3.1.14 on Nov 20, 2020


I hesitated sharing this quote, because I don't think of the quitting process as "suffering". However, someone out there right now might be struggling to get started, or struggling to make it through today, so this quote is for them.


It's okay if you're scared to start training for your quit. It's a huge, life-altering decision! But, the power word here isn't "scared", it's "training". We don't expect you to automatically "know" how to master your doubts, but we do expect you to read and learn and practice practice practice  your quit until your fear gives way to faith.


It's okay if you're having a rough bout today. Sometimes, you have to put your gloves up to your face, then float like a butterfly and sting like a bee! (Remember, sometimes a knockout doesn't happen 'til Round 4 or 5. You gotta keep swinging!)


Maybe you're wondering if you'll ever be over the fear. Will the rough days ever end? Will you ever be a champion? Fortunately for you, this community is full of champions who already know those answers! We call them Elders, and they wouldn't be here -- fighting in your corner! -- if a powerful and enduring recovery wasn't possible for every newcomer here.


So, my nervous newbies, "suffer" if you must, but just don't ever stop fighting 'til you're living the life of a champion!




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