Blog Post created by Storm.3.1.14 on Mar 1, 2020

It's been 6 years now since I willingly chose to accept and embrace anything and everything my Quit required. After a sad history of failed quits, I finally WANTED to dive INTO the hardest moments I might face. For the first time, I wanted all of the journey -- no matter what! 


And, let me tell you, my newfound faith in my Quit was severely called to task. Once. The proudest moment of my Quit came on Day 120, when a hideous crave wrenched my guts for 20 minutes -- nonstop! I kneeled down on the floor -- sweating and gasping! -- and I openly said, out loud, "Whatever this is, I want it! Teach me! I'll stay here on my knees all day if that's what it takes!"


Passing that test was THE #1 MOST PIVOTAL turning point for me, and it's the wisest piece of advice I can offer you today: Lean...into...all of it!!!!



6 years of living the truth!

Onward to 7!





To celebrate my special occasion, I spent the weekend in North Myrtle Beach...


...and rewarded myself with the award-winning -- and expansive! -- seafood buffet at Benjamin's.


Dangling from the ceiling is the largest collection of mounted sea life in The Southeast, and that's a pirate ship inside the restaurant! 


Celebrate all of it, my friends!