4 YEARS!!!!

Blog Post created by Storm.3.1.14 on Mar 1, 2018

Smoking is an addiction. It's a compulsion. It's a habit. It's a behavior.


It's also a priorities disorder.


When I came across that term here at EX, it revolutionized my entire quit! This was the handle I was looking for! This was the working concept that gave me a mental and emotional grip on what I was doing!


Once you take a hard - and honest! - look at how cigarettes and smoking are screwing-up your priorities, you can formulate a new Top 5 Life List...then swear to live by it and protect it.


That's what I did. I got my priorities back in line with my health and my future, and I swore to never dishonor them again.


For me, quitting isn't something that I just let happen to me. No, it was a methodical process and a deliberate decision, and both helped me to stop behaving as if I didn't know the horrible truth.


I got my priorities un-screwed, and that made focusing on my truth all the easier.


A very special thanks to the select Mentors who got me started, all the Elders who kept me going, the newcomers that found strength in something I shared, and the good friends who still walk beside me to this day.



1,461 Days







So, I have a really exciting announcement: I'm going to Hawaii for nine days to celebrate my 50th birthday!


Not only is Hawaii our 50th State, but it's also my 50th State. That's right - all 50 States & my 50th birthday! 


I'm rewarding myself with a 7-day cruise, and I'm gonna kick back and let the crew handle everything.


There will be a snorkeling expedition to Molokini...


An all-day hike through Volcanoes National Park...


A high-tech luau extravaganza...


A visit to Pearl Harbor...


And a bike ride up the (dormant) Diamond Head volcanic crater!


This is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime dream come true, and I can hardly wait!


My flight leaves at the crack of dawn tomorrow, so I'll be in and out, and in and out all day today before dropping off the radar for over a week. So, until we get to gather again, I wish all of you a journey you'll always cherish!