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Blog Post created by Storm.3.1.14 on Feb 23, 2018

Last year, after seeing how the new JIVE platform changed the way I felt about visiting EX on a regular basis, I decided to start the process of becoming a quit-smoking coach, out in the real world. (This was an idea that had been percolating since about the time of my 2-year anniversary.)


Frustratingly, the local chapter of the organization I wanted to train with proved to"unpredictable". From their rudimentary website, to their totally empty calendar of events, to their unaccommodating office hours, to their inability to return phone calls and emails...I began to sour on this particular chapter.


To give them the benefit of the doubt, though, I will say that I drove by their office in our capital city (to push for some face-to-face results), and the outside of the office appeared to have been a bit neglected. Possibly, they were tied up with a relocation? Or maybe they went defunct?


Anyway, having hit a snag, I decided to let the holidays come and go, to give them time to get reorganized, perhaps.


Now, the new year is well under way, so I'll be reaching out to them one last time.


If contacting them still seems an improbable (or impossible) task in the coming weeks, then I will gladly consider visiting one of our neighboring states, to undergo the same training program, but with a much stronger (and more active and responsive) chapter.


Basically, it was a false start for me. I feel like I tried to chase after shadows, but I won't do it again. Besides, the training opportunities are rock solid elsewhere, so I'll probably be taking a day or two off to travel to a "training retreat".


So, that's the update many of you asked for. It wasn't what I had hoped to share when I returned for a visit to EX, but at least I was able to report that I still have options...and this ain't done yet!


Have a really good weekend out there!



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