Abusive Relationships

Blog Post created by Sthompson20 on Jul 2, 2020

I read a book by Allen Carr "The Easy Way for Women", which did not help me quit smoking, but helped me see cigarettes for what they are, an abusive relationship. Just like many people cannot break away from an abusive partner, I have been unable to break away from cigarettes. I always run back to them because of the false promise to help with stress, keep from gaining weight, celebrating with friends, break boredom, a break at work ect...

I have been a smoker for 29 years. I do not know how to do anything without cigarettes.  They have separated me from enjoying activities without them. They control my every activity from waking to sleeping.  Separation from them is scary. 

I have left them many times only to run back when things got hard. Again I am fleeing the abusive relationship.