Day 11 - Pissappointment

Blog Post created by StacyS on Oct 31, 2018

2 flat tires in 2 days...I cannot say that didn't nearly send me over the edge. With my sons wedding Saturday I really didn't need another out of pocket expense this week. I knew I needed 2 new front tires. Mainly because I never rotated them! My bad! I had just hoped to get them with my next pay. Well, this isn't a perfect world so my plan totally fell through.  Back story, once upon a time I terribly abused credit cards. Lets just say I love to shop and a much younger and financially foolish me worked those cards until I was in quite a lot of debt.  Through the years I cut my cards and paid off that debt. I have refused to get another card out of the sheer fear that I will, I know I will, max it out. That said, if I do not have money to buy something I don't buy it.  Sounds great until you have wedding expenses and limited savings you can touch.  Gonna have to buckle down the next month because these flowers, rehearsal dinner and tires all need to be paid for this week!  But hey, I am saving money not smoking so there is that!  This incident last night definitely triggered an urge but giving into that would have only disappointed me more! Or, as a little girl I know once said in confusion with mispronunciation, it would have really "pissapointed" me.  Life will never be perfect and there will always be pissapointments but I'll be damned if I am going to go backwards on this journey of self preservation. As my daughters jokingly say, "not today Satan, not today"...


Happy Halloween to all of you and thank you for the treat of your company and support!