Day 9 - Facing Reality & A Patch Question

Blog Post created by StacyS on Oct 29, 2018

Truth is, I do not have any urges to actually smoke.  Even Friday, when I forgot my patch, I did not long for a cigarette.  Nothing about it appeals to me anymore.  I feel like a prayer has been answered and I am so thankful.  Nicotine is another story. I hate, absolutely hate, that I am addicted to nicotine. I know it will take time to wean my body off.  I have been smoking for 35 years.  My body expects it to function.  No matter how dysfunctional and unbalanced I felt Friday my inner voice never screamed out for a cigarette.  I see people smoking. My husband smokes. I smell it in the air. I do not want one.  I know that I will get through this.  I'm too stubborn not to succeed when I really want something.  Reality = It may take a minute but it will happen. I will become nicotine free!


If I follow the Nicoderm CD Patch timeline I will step down to level 2 on 11/24; 2 Days following Thanksgiving.  Step 3 will start on my daughters 14th birthday, 12/8. My last day of the patch will be 12/21. Making me nicotine free Christmas Day!  The timeline seems almost poetic... However, I am an impatient woman and I really want to break the addiction sooner.  That said, I am tempted to step down sooner.  I know lots of people go cold turkey but I know that is not an option for me unless I could seclude myself from work and family for a week or two which I cannot do...Thoughts on going through the program quicker than recommended?