Day 6 = Half way to work I realized....

Blog Post created by StacyS on Oct 26, 2018

UhOh! Ok, it was a way worse word that came to mind, I forgot to put on my patch! 


I'm happily excited that I actually got through my morning routine without thinking of or feeling a need for, a cigarette. That's cool, especially since my urges were so intense yesterday.


I'm very nervous about my emotions today. I am so unsure of my ability to do this. What if I freak out?  Can I do this without my crutch?  How strong am I?  More importantly, how weak am I? 


Time will tell.


Worst case scenario, I walk to a drug store at lunch and by whatever NRT they have.  With that realization I feel empowered and challenged. Maybe I can do this.... I think I can do this...I have to try to do this.  I am not positive I can go without nicotine yet but I am going to try!