A New EX

Blog Post created by Sorice1 on Oct 14, 2020

I am a new EX! I was smoking a half a pack of cigarettes maybe a few more for 40 years and the past 5 years it's been a full pack and some days more! Ugh I couldn't breathe right anymore, I would try and clean my bathroom, I could no longer do it! I was having a problem going up and down the stairs! I am only 55 years old, this should not be happening to me. IT really scared me,  I said I'd better go to the doctor! I found out I have the beginning of emphysema and I also needed a triple bypass and my carodit artery was also blocked. I was beside myself after hearing all this news WOW!!! And a lot of it was all from smokingI  Thank God I listened to my body and went to the doctor. My quit date originally was for Oct 12, 2020 but they admitted me to the hospital on Sept 16th, 2020 so I made that my quit date instead!!! It's 2 days short of a month that I quit, I am still healing from my bypass surgery and I am doing better! It's slow going but already I feel like I can breathe a lot better! I no longer smell like a cigarette, nor does my house smell anymore which was a part of me wanting to quit! I will update you when I am 100% and let you know how much better I feel from quitting smoking! I can't wait! I am also going for carodit artery surgery next week! I have been given a second chance at life and I am greatful! For you younger people, please don't wait for all this to happen to you! If I can quit trust me anyone can! 

Thanks for letting me share, have a great day today everyone!