Metamorphosis 2

Blog Post created by Sootie on Jun 1, 2020

Thomas3.20.2010 blog on Metamorphosis reminded me of this story which I have posted on EX a few times......but it is a favorite of mine and it dovetails with my dear friend's blog so well...................


You want your quit to be easy? You don't like the struggle of quitting---you just want to be done? Here's a story that is food for thought.....

One day, a small boy saw a caterpillar/butterfly struggling to emerge from the stickiness and tight wrappings of the cocoon. Feeling sorry for the insect,  the boy got some scissors and cut away the remnants of the cocoon, freeing the butterfly. The butterfly looked kind of funny---it had a huge, bloated body and very small wings. After a few moments, the poor butterfly died.

Distraught, the child ran crying to his father who explained that the struggle the child had sought to help with was really very necessary. As a butterfly battles to emerge from the cocoon, the struggle pushes the fluid out of the body and into the wings...expanding them and making them ready for flight. It also rids the body of the bloating fluid allowing the butterfly to breathe.

So too are life's struggles necessary AND the struggle to quit smoking. While it would be nice if it were easy---would you value your quit as highly? Would you do everything you can to protect it if it were just so easy to quit?

Struggle on fellow EXERS----there is nothing wrong with needing to work at something and give it your all. the butterfly knows, struggle is life.