Blog Post created by Sootie on Mar 15, 2020

For those of you who are retired or in a situation where you do not have to go out to work may view this virus scare a bit differently from people who must go out to work.

You're right......I guess. The more things that are closed the less it spreads.....I guess. I really don't know and it seems to me that even our most respected scientists are not sure for how long must things stay closed to stop the spread???
Because, nice as it may seem to stay off from work for 14 days, 20 days, whatever.....where is the money to come from? Where are the services and products to come from if everyone just stays home?
They closed the schools. Well ok. But tomorrow, my child care centers will be filled with the school age children who on Friday were in school. 
Don't take them?  Well ok. Where then will they go? And there is the small matter of an agreement that says when school is closed they are enrolled in our centers.
Close our centers? Well, ok. But then, where do ALL the children go----school age and the younger ones.  HOW do the parents go to work?
The parents should stay home from work because of the virus? Well, ok but what if these parents are nurses? First responders? People who keep the electricity on? Keep the water flowing......or MOST IMPORTANTLY....pick up the garbage.
I am in favor of  doing everything to stop this virus.........BUT there are.........................................
The only "easy" answer I have for you this evening is...don't use this virus as a reason to smoke. Keep your quit no matter how stressful it may matter how much you may want to tear your hair out over the matter how changed your daily life may become. 
Thanks for "listening". Everyone stay healthy out there.