ONCE UPON A TIME...........................

Blog Post created by Sootie on Dec 31, 2019

.............TEN YEARS AGO......................there lived a knight in shining armor in the Kingdom of Southwest Florida. The knight was kind, gentle, brave, caring and helpful.......but, unfortunately,  he was a smoker.

The laws of the Kingdom were changing....being a smoker was no longer going to be allowed for knights. This made the knight very angry. He felt his freedom was being taken away......and, he had always been SUCH a good knight!!!! But, since he WAS a good knight, he did quit smoking. On the eve of the new year 2010, he smoked his last cigarette and rode off on his trusty steed.

The knight arrived at the village of EX and told all there of how much he hated the fact that he had to quit smoking. Something was being taken away from him....he was angry, depressed and annoyed. But the little village of EX had a special magic about it-----the magic of commitment, the magic of support, the magic of understanding AND the magic of collateral kindness.

As the knight spent more time in the village----slaying dragons, rescuing maids and felling villains----he came to understand that the REAL FREEDOM was never taken away from him at all. The REAL FREEDOM is the freedom from the addiction of smoking and that had been his all along----he simply had to CHOOSE IT!!!!

Becoming tired of being a knight (the dragon slaying was tedious, the villains too easily felled and since women's lib the maids weren't anxious to be saved) he turned his trusty steed into a shiny train and became a CONDUCTOR!!!! Almost everyone here at EX rode on his train often. It was a train of friendship, fun and freedom and it served our community well for many, many years.

Sadly, this good man is now no longer very active here on EX…… and other issues have robbed us of his daily presence. But we remember him fondly on this his TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF FREEDOM!!!!!

pir8fan   My good friend----I wish you more and more and more days of health and happiness.........I am so glad I got to share this quit journey with you. Happy 2020.