Blog Post created by Sootie on Aug 25, 2019

Hard to believe it is three years since our dear Betty (froguelady) passed away. Everyone on this site who knew Betty from her blogs or was lucky enough to meet her in person knows what a wonderful person she was.

Even after Betty received the diagnosis of lung cancer, she called me to let me know I should blog and say that she was STILL so glad that she had quit……she was sure the last few years being quit were so much better since she was free and she hoped she would defeat the cancer. Sadly, that was not to be and we lost one of our best.

I always use the term "LADY" very sparingly....bestowing it only on those of the feminine gender who have real grace, class and courage. Betty was a LADY and I miss her very much.

I always hope her spirit is remaining here at EX to remind us that quitting is for  life and for your life.