Blog Post created by Sootie on Apr 8, 2019

As ELDERS on EX, we cannot always respond to blogs in the exact words you would choose.  Want to know why? Because the words YOU would choose may not be the words someone ELSE would choose AND they are not OUR WORDS.


Please do not look at every comment as some sort of challenge.....elders comment because they are trying to help.


We have opinions on the things that are written on this site and we state them. Sometimes….we are blunt. Please do not think we don’t understand that you need love and support. We are giving you love and support in trying to help you quit this terrible addiction.


Please do not feel threatened when we state our opinions on quit methods……or state that someone who keeps relapsing is more likely to continue relapsing (this is actual research). We aren’t criticizing……we are stating fact.  We are trying to educate, we are trying to share our experiences, we are trying to help.


And please do not delete our carefully worded advice, comments and suggestions ……or, indeed, the entire blog. You don't really have a right to delete an entire discussion by the community just because you become upset.


And finally, please don't PM us and tell us not to respond to any blog of yours or any comment because you do not care for our "attitude".


Elders have feelings also.  We are not here for “amusement” as was suggested to me recently. We are only here to help others as we were helped….in diverse, purely personal, different but always caring ways.


When you criticize how we say something, delete our comments, get angry with our suggestions, please remember that we have feelings too.


And, when you tell us to leave you alone………………………..please do not complain when we do.