Blog Post created by Sootie on Nov 16, 2018

As you may know, here in Northeastern Pennsylvania we have to deal with Winter Weather from November to March (April?). So I am re-posting my yearly Driving in Snow blog because once again, in our first (but surely not last) snowstorm of the season, I saw all of these examples and more.



While driving home tonight in a real Pennsylvania snow storm....I was thinking that this is a lot like quitting smoking. 

When you drive the interstates in Northeastern PA during a storm...there is generally only one lane plowed out of three. Most everyone with a BRAIN in their head, drives in the plowed lane about 10-15 miles an hour...and we all get home safely.

It takes quite a long time.

It takes patience.

It is really not fun.

It can sometimes be a little scary---but much less so if you just GET IN THE LANE AND FOLLOW THE OTHERS!!!!

Now, of course, sometimes we have people who MUST drive in the other lanes even if they are not plowed (these are the "I can have just one quitters") Their antics in driving that way work out just about as well for them as they do for those who smoke "just one!"

There are also those who simply cannot go 10-15 miles per hour---they know better. (These are the quitters who insist on drinking or in other ways jeopardizing their quit). Again, their ride usually works out about as well as drinking and quitting does!

But if you take a deep breath (breathe deeply), put on your seat belt (get those cough drops, candies, sunflowers seeds), know what it is like to drive in an active snow storm(read, read, read), then get in the lane and follow the others(come to the site and listen to advice) will get home will also become an EX

Drive safely!  And keep that quit STRONG!