Blog Post created by Sootie on Oct 1, 2018

October 2, 1976....Some of you Exers were not even alive yet on that date. That's so hard to believe because, to me, it seems like it was yesterday. I remember every minute of that beautiful Autumn day. Tomorrow is October 2, 2018 and my husband and I will celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary.

We both agree we don't FEEL old enough to be married for 42 years. We both agree we don't LOOK old enough to be married for 42 years. We both agree we don't  ACT old enough to be married for 42 years. Now, if we can just get somebody else to agree with us!!!

But seriously folks, although we have been doing this married thing for 42 years---- this year we also will both celebrate NINE years as non smokers. My husband quit in October of 2009, so he will reach 9 years very soon. I quit in November of 2009, so I am also coming up quickly on 9 years.

Hard to believe anyone makes it to 42 years married these days.

Hard to believe we both made it to nine years of no smoking.

Both of these milestones took determination, dedication, commitment, humor and great love of self and of the other person involved. It was not easy------but it was never impossible.

Marriage----I cannot advise you on.

But quitting smoking???? Do it now. Live happily ever after.

Stay Strong.