Blog Post created by Sootie on Jul 27, 2018

Recently went to visit my daughter. She lives in a lovely apartment in Woodbridge VA and works in Washington DC. My sister came with me.

Smoking was so much a part of my life at one time.  It is still part of my sister’s life.  I pray every night that my sister will quit.

I forgot what it is like to have to fit smoking into a day that is not your “daily routine”. At home, smokers have their smoking routines. You remember, don’t you?……..where you smoked, what time you smoked, where you sat, where you kept your lighter, ash trays etc.etc. But when smokers go away from home…….things become uncomfortable.

It is a four hour ride to my daughter’s home. We stopped for bathroom breaks and lunch. Each time, my sister bolted from the car to smoke as fast as she could before we entered the restaurant or began our drive again. I had not thought about how uncomfortable she must be unable to smoke "when needed".

My daughter does not smoke. So, my sister had to go out onto her balcony each time she had to smoke. Unfortunately……..those of us on the East Coast know that for the past several days the weather has been pouring rain. Not the most comfortable place to smoke…..not to mention, we were all sitting around playing games, drinking wine, talking and every 20 minutes or so, she had to leave, go out into the rain and smoke. My daughter has no ash trays. So my sister had to find some place acceptable to put her ashes. She had to place her cigarette butts in a plastic bag and then dispose of them. It was painful to watch. It certainly didn’t make me think…."wow, wish I still smoked so I could join her".

We went to see some of the sights of Washington DC once the worst of the rain tapered off…….you can’t smoke in the metro… can’t smoke in the museums… can’t smoke in any of the restaurants. It’s an uncomfortable day for an addict. I felt very sorry for my sister. I had never really seen this so clearly before. Smoking is just a big pain in the butt these days. It is socially unacceptable and also socially IMPOSSIBLE! It’s not fun, it’s not relaxing, it’s not rewarding…….it’s……………uncomfortable!

For those of us who have quit for a long time…….do you remember these times?

For newbies who think they want a cigarette…….do you ……really?

For anyone still deciding to quit…… this how you want to continue to live life?

Stay Strong.