Blog Post created by Sootie on Dec 29, 2017

This is a pretty ordinary observation....I know all of us who have quit smoking have noted this over and over and shaken our heads over it....but I just had to mention it again.

I am continually amazed at holiday gatherings over the time smokers spend AWAY from the gathering because they have to smoke. And this holiday in particular, it struck me as so insane since it is literally FREEZING HERE-----I mean SERIOUSLY----it is below zero during the day and at night....more so.

Watching everyone get up from the dinner tables this week (our family continues to celebrate Christmas by moving from house to house all week) and go out into the freezing cold to smoke just made me want to laugh....AND CRY! It really is such a ridiculous thing for intelligent beings to be doing.

At one point, we were having a discussion about the rise of addiction to prescription drugs and how it is ruining lives and how awful it is to be addicted (I know, lovely holiday topic...but we get into everything) and at a lull in the conversation, all the smokers kind of went.....oh well, got up, got coats and went out to smoke. Sitting there watching them go made me sad as my sister is one of them....and, of course, ALL of them are my family.

If you are still smoking....quit now. It is a waste of your time, your money and your life.