Blog Post created by Sootie on Oct 2, 2017

In my life, I have made very good decisions, a few very bad decisions and some GREAT  decisions……….


41 years ago today was one of those GREAT decisions………I married my best friend, my soul mate, my other half. And, I am blessed to still be with him. 41 years ago we were young and in love and now we are old (er!) and still in love.


If you want to know how GREAT this decision was…’s proof. Not only have we shared a remarkable and rewarding life together but my husband was the “push” I needed to quit smoking almost 8 years ago. My husband quit 8 years ago in October, 2009. Since I know what a smoker smells like to a non smoker….I COULD NOT continue to smoke while the person I most loved to be close to had quit……so I quit in November 2009.


Just like a quit, our 41 years together have not ALL been easy….we have had our ups and downs (and some WAY DOWNS!!) but through it all we were together. Sometimes---like a quit----we hung on together by a thin strand not sure what was happening or would happen. At other times, we were holding on with a thick rope confident in our next steps.


Marriage to us is a promise….a commitment…. to each other. Our quits are a promise…a commitment…. to ourselves. Don’t give up. Keep going. Some days are hard but most days are completely wonderful.


So----A TOAST! To the marriage and the quit…..may both journeys be long and blessed.