Blog Post created by Sootie on Aug 18, 2017

My Mom is 96 years old. Up until very recently, she was really doing fantastic for her age. But, in the past couple months, she has had some set backs, is getting weaker and failing…it’s hard to watch and be able to do exactly-----nothing.

My Mother in law is having constant falling episodes and confusion which is causing a lot of in-law drama and stress for my husband.

My daughter recently made an exciting move from Colorado to the DC area for a new job. Going well…but, of course, there are the usual “adjustments” to a totally new area and life style.

Work is insane. We received two new grants at the beginning of August which is great…but, now we are pushed to have everything up and running at high quality in three weeks.

My best friend has malignant cancer.


Now-----those of you who have been with me on this journey since 2009 know that I don’t share personal problems easily. So WHY have I gone over the edge tonight??


Because the above litany is called life. It is no worse and sometimes much, much better than others have to put up with day by day. I tell you this because I guarantee I will make it through this and all that is to come without smoking…….. without even wanting to smoke.

And I write this to tell you that you can too. When I read on here that people are waiting to quit smoking because a really stressful time is coming up I want to jump through the screen of my computer! You will handle stress BETTER once you quit smoking! You will participate in your life and the lives around you much more once you quit smoking.


I would still have all of the above things going on but…………………..

Instead of being able to sit quietly with my Mom  and enjoy talking and sharing during what may be these last months, I’d be running in and out to “have a smoke”.

My husband and I would be smoking one cigarette after another making ourselves ill instead of working through his family problems.

I would not be welcome with my cigarettes in my daughter’s new home which would cause distress and hard feelings since now I can visit so much more easily.

I would be in and out, in and out smoking while annoying my co-workers as we work on this project.

I would be unable to sit and hold my best friend’s hand while she goes through the last challenge of life.


You can handle any and all stress that will come to you when you quit smoking…..YOU CAN!

Give yourself a chance to experience that and please quit smoking and get on with YOUR life.