You Look Dumb Doing It

Blog Post created by Sootie on May 12, 2017

I quit smoking almost 8 years ago.  since then, I have certainly noticed how expensive they were; how much better both I and my house and car smell without them, how much better I feel, how much "easier" life is without having to factor smoking into the equation.

But today was the first time I ever noticed how completely ridiculous it looks. It just does. I was watching a woman smoking in her car......

Cigarette in mouth; now the search for lighter or match while trying to keep eyes on the road

Uh oh....can't find the lighter or match. Take cigarette out of mouth to better root around for the lighter

Got it! Light the cigarette.......uh oh......that first flare up in the car when the smoke goes right in your eyes! Waving hand to clear smoke......

Window opens. Now, hand out window.... now in to out.....oh darn! Hit the rear view mirror with the cig and knocked the ash off.

The search for the lighter it. Light up, out, in, out. Tap cigarette while car is moving........uh oh! ash flies back into the car........

HYSTERICAL! If the whole thing wasn't so deadly it would be very funny. And I had actually not noticed this aspect of smoking before. Kind of a really dumb thing to be doing if you really, clinically analyze it. NO WONDER non-smokers can never figure out why smokers do this!

So-----if you are still on the fence about's one more reason to do it.

You look really dumb smoking!