No "onlys" on EX............

Blog Post created by Sootie on Apr 3, 2017

A comment was made by Giulia on a blog which went something like this……

”Congratulations on your 5 days of freedom. We all understand the hard work that went into them”


It started me thinking about the fact that there are no “onlys” on EX. Your ONE day of freedom is just as precious as Rick_M's 8 years that he is celebrating today (YAY RICK!). Your one month milestone should be celebrated with the same excitement that a year or years are celebrated.


The work that needs to go into Day 1 and 2 (and 47 and 48) is so much more than the work that has to go into day 2700. As a matter of fact, I think I am coming up on 2700 days and believe me…’s no work at all. It has not been “work” to keep my quit in a very long time (so you can look forward to that).


But, for now, you have work to do and we who have gone ahead of you understand completely the road ahead. Reach out to us if needed, count on us for a word if you are feeling weak or down, know that each of us was where you are and we are waiting for you to get to us.


Never feel you are “only” celebrating 5 days of freedom.

We think it is FANTASTIC! And, we are cheering you on!