Blog Post created by Sootie on Mar 23, 2017

This is a community. The definition of a community begins with the words “A group of individuals……….” INDIVIDUALS! We are INDIVIDUALS with different personalities and backgrounds and interests and life goals and family customs……… united for one reason-------to quit smoking AND to help others quit smoking.

We are not counselors or doctors, or psychologist or psychiatrists. We are people who quit smoking or are in the process of doing so.

One of the things I LOVED about this community and the ONLY THING which, if changed, would cause me to leave is that this site IS NOT run by a bunch of experts on quitting; it may be partnered with the MAYO clinic…..but no doctors are on here commenting on my quit thoughts; there are no psychiatrists reading into my every word or judging how I say it. This site….this community….. continues because ORDINARY PEOPLE who quit smoking stay and help others to do the same. And many,many people do quit because of the support in this community. 

I’ve had people on this site yelling at me and telling me I always take an opposite view point. I’ve had people tell me that I always come on and try to reason with everyone. I’ve had people tell me that I never see things the way the rest of the group does.

I DO! That’s ME!!! That’s SOOTIE! I’ll make no apologies for being me and I'll expect none from any of you for being……………YOU!

I won’t leave because you disagree with me, or you tell me I am wrong or you feel I should not have said anything. And I HOPE none of you will leave because of anything I say, think or feel. I don’t want a bunch of clones on EX……..I want INDIVIDUALS……..I want you. All of you. I want you toughies and you huggers. I want you cold turkey people and you patchers. I want you people who have been quit for 10 years and you people who are here quitting for the tenth time. We all teach each other so much......we all influence each other in ways even we may not yet see.


AND..... if any one of you DOES say something I’m not crazy about, I simply use that GREAT computer feature called “scroll down”

Be Yourself...............Everyone Else Is Taken