Blog Post created by Sootie on Jan 25, 2017

If you see this (and you may see it before I do!!) WELCOME! You have just made the best decision of your quit smoking. You will never regret this....I promise! You have also made a very smart decision to join our community here at EX. This is a caring group of EX smokers and people who have just quit, quit for a month a year....... who are all here for each other. 

Right now, if you are reading a lot of our posts, you may wonder.....what is going on here??? Well, our online site just "changed". It changed in many,many ways and now.....we are all just like are trying to find your way around a new world of not smoking and we are trying to find our way around in this new world of EX.  But we are here. Reach out to us, hang in, put that cigarette down and never pick it up again. I guarantee you will be so very happy that you did. Until we all figure this place out, please stay calm (and we will also!)

Again.......WELCOME to EX!