A View of the North Sea

Blog Post created by SoosannahK on Oct 10, 2018

So I heard back from my new job. "Please have all paperwork completed before arriving at HR Orientation". It still seems a little unreal that I am starting a new job Monday headed back into the EMS world. I am still trying to recoup from the whirlwind of last week. That totally just took me off guard. Must say it was the quickest I have ever gotten a job. And I will technically be working 7 days in a row starting Saturday. 2 at the old job and 5 days of orientation and classroom work at my new job. Then next weekend is the Renaissance Festival so some relaxation time with my family that is long overdue for both my husband and I. So I won't be around much next week, but I will check in and let you know how things are going.


So I was a little torn on where we would go in Scotland today. I can not say enough about the hospitality in Scotland. Everyone that I came in contact with was SUPER nice and accommodating everywhere I went which makes me love Scotland even more. I was thinking of the inn keepers that I stay with now when I go. I will only go when they have room available. I refuse to stay anywhere else when in the Highlands.  I absolutely love them and would adopt them as my parents in a heartbeat. And I hate hate hate I didn't get a pic of them the last time I was there and I wanted to cry when I was leaving. I got big hugs all around and a big lump in my throat.


Last year on my birthday when I came to breakfast I had this:

A beautiful birthday card and a box of fancy chocolate candies. Jess also did my dirty laundry for me, wash, dry and fold and left laying on my bed. I CAN NOT say enough good things about these people. So if you are ever in the Highlands go stay at Inchrye Bed and Breakfast in Ardersier with Dougie and Jess. The inn is an old victorian right on Moray Firth. Awesome bay views and AWESOME PEOPLE!!


So today I thought we would go in the exact opposite direction and head to the northeast coast and the village of Stonehaven where Dunnottar Castle resides. I am pretty sure I almost died of a heart attack here and I was contemplating calling rescue services to haul my ass out of there. To get to the actual site, you have to go straight down a mountain and straight back up walking about 42 million steps. But it was so worth the hike. The views are breath taking. Dunnottar is the ruins of a 13th century fortress that sits high above the cliff.  Enjoy!

The view before you start the steps from hell. It is absolutely gorgeous in real life.


These are part of the steps from hell. I am telling you I really felt like I was going to die!! They are literally straight up! Both ways!


You can make a left turn at the bottom of the steps before heading up even more steps to the ruins and go to this beautiful beach area. I decided not to because well, Death was already coming for me, why hurry him along?


Below are just various shots of the ruins. I just wanted to lay in the grass and go unconscious because I knew I had to walk back to the car and the only way I could get there was the Steps of Death. Maybe if I was unconscious someone would call rescue services for me!!


This is a shot from the edge of the cliffs looking out on the North Sea.

Hope you enjoyed our little trip. While I was certain death was imminent, I wouldn't have missed this place. The views across the North Sea are spectacular, and just gazing at the ruins from the distance is awe inspiring.


Hope everyone has a fantastic evening,