You Guys Rock!!

Blog Post created by SoosannahK on Oct 5, 2018

I am so glad that I am a part of this community. I have been a member of other communities that just seem to want to beat people down to make themselves look or feel better, but all I have seen and experienced here is everyone trying to lift other people up. That makes all of y'all very special people in my book! I am overwhelmed as always with the support that I get with not only my quit but other aspects of my life. I can not say enough THANK YOUS!!!



So I turned in my notice this morning. It was kind of bittersweet and I am feeling emotions that I didn't think I would feel. Yes I want out of their badly, yes I hate my job there, but the hospital was there for me when I crashed and burned after spending almost 15 years on the truck. It was kind of a recuperation place for me to get my bearings back and my head back on straight and figure out what I wanted with my life. BUT I also realized I am an overpaid gopher there and my schooling and skills are going to waste. I did not go to paramedic school for 2 years to be a gopher. I chose to remain in a PRN position at their discretion and my manager wants to talk to me about that today.



I woke up this morning feeling totally hungover from all the excitement yesterday. I am a huge bundle of emotions today. I want to laugh, I want to cry, I want to scream and I am waiting for HR's final okay for hire. I am not a good waiter. And I realize that this is a dangerous place for me to be mentally with my quit. So I shall be on guard today. 


I need to go out today and get some boots for EMS, I can't find my new pair I had and I think I gave them away when we moved because you know, I was done riding the ambulance. And my new boots won't be in on time before I start. Plus EMS only buys me one pair a year and I go through a pair every 6 months when working full time. Some reason I knock the toes right off of them. I am hard on work shoes. Also it is release day for the new Assassin's Creed video game so I am off the the game store to pick up my copy and let my gamer girl shine bright. 


On a bright note, I only have 4 more days scheduled to be Gopher-girl so work stress while it is still there, should be better knowing I have an escape plan. Now I just have to get through those 4 days without throwing my badge at anyone's head and telling them to F-Off. But I have never walked off a job and I don't plan to start now. Plus I would like the extra money working PRN to pad my Ciggy Savings Account. 


Next week I plan on providing y'all some visual treats. We are going to take a virtual trip to Scotland. Usually this time of year I am preparing to head to Scotland by myself for my recharge vacation. If I were going this year, I would be leaving this Sunday. But we bought a house and new furniture and I got braces so I don't think it is financially responsible to go this year until we build our savings back up. So we are going to relive all of my previous Scotland trips through my photos. That will give me something to focus on next week and what a visual treat it will be. Scotland is absolutely stunning.  I will leave you with this photo of this obscure little loch I found by getting a little lost by making the wrong turn while heading to the little village of Drumnadrochit ( pronounced kind of like Drum-na- drawer-kit). The loch is at the south eastern end of Loch Ness (Nessie was a no show every time I went, slacker!). It is called Loch Tarff and was one of the most peaceful places I ever visited. There was no one around, no cars, just some sheep and silence. 

Well I am off to get my smoke-free day started.


Everyone have a great day!