They Called!!!

Blog Post created by SoosannahK on Sep 27, 2018

So finally after waiting forever and 3 days, the EMS agency I applied to called me. I go for my assessment, written test, and peer interview next week on Thursday. I am so excited and hopeful. I'm confident but don't want to be overconfident either. I know my stuff. I just can't let the nerves get to me. So until next week, I will be going over protocols and drug dosages to refresh my memory. Good thing is I just took my refresher class back in April. Fresh on the brain.  This will definitely make work more tolerable this weekend knowing there is a chance to get out of there and go back to the ambulance. 


In other news, I have developed an obsession with tomatoes. Craving tomatoes, otherwise known as Tomatophagia in the medical world, is supposed to be a sign of iron deficiency anemia. And when I say I crave tomatoes, I dream about tomatoes. I bought 4 cans to go with the 3 cans of various stewed and diced and whole tomatoes I already have. Not to mention the different varieties of fresh tomatoes I have. So something to keep an eye on and talk with the doc about if this craving doesn't go away. But it has been 4 weeks of tomato cravings. I hope I just like tomatoes. A LOT. 


But no cig craves today, which is great. Every day I can have without a cig craving is a good day. Today has been a very good day.


Hope everyone is having a great smoke-free evening,