Surviving Work

Blog Post created by SoosannahK on Sep 25, 2018

Work this past weekend was horrible. I really need a new job. I have applied for a job to go back on the ambulance, just waiting to hear back. Fingers crossed. I really need to be a real paramedic on the truck. I cannot function at my full level as a paramedic in the ER and that makes me sad. I miss it. Never thought I would when I decided to leave the truck over 2 years ago. After 15 years on the truck, I think I just needed a nice long break. The service I applied to only does 12 hr shifts instead of 24 hr shifts so I really want that job.


I only told off 1 person in 2 days at work, so I think I am making progress there. I am quite certain she called me all sorts of nice names, but I was already doing 3 things at once and I am not her gopher.  Saturday I wanted to smoke really bad (I didn't). Sunday I just wanted to get home and into my pj's with no thoughts of wanting to smoke. That is progress. So I am at 33 days working on 34. Last week was a bit rough with some anger issues and me wanting to punch my husband in the throat, those have seemed to have smoothed over and I am back to acceptance stage and my husband is safe and unharmed. For now........


On the weight loss front, I am loving WW and find it easy to stick to, mostly. I have managed to lose 11.3 lbs in 2 weeks. I weigh less than when I quit smoking, barely.  I am finding it harder to stick to the plan on weekends at work even though I bring my food. Too much temptation around so I have been saving up my weekly points and exercise points to help cover those oops moments since I eat really well during the week and stay near or at my daily point range. I would rather oops with the food than smoke, so there is that. I also find that when I do oops, the sausage feet return. So I think a lot of my pedal edema was food related as I have not had to take but 3 of the fluid pills that my doc prescribed in the 2 weeks I have been on WW. 2 of those were right when I started WW. And I had to take one today because I am still swollen in my hands and feet from the Sunday oops of pizza and cake. So I plan on peeing every 32 seconds today. 


One last thought, then I am out of here. The weather the past 2 days here has been glorious. It is overcast but cool and actually feels like Autumn temperatures outside. I am LOVING IT. Autumn is my season. Jeans and sweaters. I have all these wonderful sweaters I have accumulated over the past few years and I want to wear them!!  Still not sweater weather yet, but I know it is on its way! The weather is supposed to be cooler next week, I am ready for cool mornings and crunchy leaves, apple and pumpkin everything, and my birthday. I really really love Autumn.


Hope everyone has a great smoke-free day,