Headed Toward NML

Blog Post created by SoosannahK on Sep 18, 2018

Friday night I will hit NML, I will be 30 days into my quit. Preparing for that by reading some of the NML blogs. I feel good right now. The craves at home are almost nonexistent lately. I don't wake up and think "cigarette" first thing which is a relief because that was getting irritating. I do notice periods of irritability still, but I think I would be irritable anyway because those are usually triggered from having to clean a grown *** man's mess up. Enough to tick anyone off.  As we ALL know, my biggest trigger is work. Thankfully I only have to spend 2-12 hr days there and by the time I am out of there and on my way home the urge to eat a pack is gone. I will still need to be on guard. 


I am ready for Autumn and the cooler temps. I have some plans to clean out my she-shed and get it set up for crafting. This will be a big undertaking because when we moved into the house in January, everything I didn't want in the house went into my she-shed. It looks like an episode of Hoarders out there. But the temps are still too warm here to get out there and throw a days work into getting it cleaned out and organized. I might go out there and start some work in the evenings as the temps are getting cooler in the evening. We did manage to get the gardening shed cleaned out and organized a few weeks ago, so that one is done.


The yard will need cutting again this week. After all the rain, it looks like a horde of leprechauns crapped on my yard. All nice and green and growing like wild fire. So at least there is some exercise points. Don't know if I will push mow it all this time, but I will push mow at least enough to get two days of physical activity in. Baby steps instead of the leap I took last time. The thought of push mowing that whole thing again makes me cringe right now.  While I suffered no ill effects from the last push mowing session, it was tedious and extremely tiring. Not to mention very sweaty. AND TOOK FOREVER!!


But for today, I think I will relax and read a book or something. The house is clean, nobody is starving. I'm gonna relax.


Hope everyone is having a great smoke-free day!