Blog Post created by SoosannahK on Sep 17, 2018

So I have found work and some of my  $%^&# coworkers to be my biggest triggers. BUT I did not smoke. I can be outstanding all week at home, go into work and I want to eat a pack. Why do people have to be such A-holes???? When I get into my car on Sunday nights I have to resist the urge to go buy a pack and smoke THEM ALL. Last night was harder than last Sunday night. But I didn't stop, didn't buy, and didn't smoke. And I am just happy I am not in prison orange today. 


So I didn't smoke, but I did eat a lot of Hershey's miniatures this weekend. But still managed to lose weight. I had my exercise Fitpoints stashed back for just such occasion to cover my weekend work slip ups. I only needed them on Sunday and only used about 1/3 of them to cover those chocolates. While I know the first week or so, your body actually loses water weight first, I am still happy that I have lost 9.2lbs this past week and my feet are back to normal. Yay, no more sausage feet. So I lost everything I gained those first two weeks of my quit and I am now back to my pre-quit weight. So today starts my new week, all points reset, which means more exercise this week to earn some extra points to cover those oops moments. Otherwise I think I did well for the week. I ate well and ate good foods. I added up my calories because curiosity and such and I am averaging around 1600 cals a day and most of those are proteins and fruit and veg.  My "free" WW cookbook arrived Saturday. I use free loosely because I signed up for 6 months. They're gonna get that money back from that cookbook. Still some easy yummy recipes in there we are going to try this week


We survived the Hurricane Flo. A lot of rain here but no wind damage at our home. Everything is just a little squashy. The sun is out this morning. Hope everyone in the path fared as well.  


Now I must go do the adulting, like getting groceries so the fam doesn't starve, and washing dishes so we don't have to eat off the floor. 


Have a great smoke-free day!