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Blog Post created by SoosannahK on Sep 14, 2018

Really tired of naming these things already. Must find nifty blog post titles. Put on to-do list. 


The winds are blowing here. No rain yet, it will come later tonight. I remembered to bring in all my yard decorations so they don't end up in heaven knows where. 


So I did something today that I probably would have never done if I continued to smoke. I cut almost all of our grass with a push mower. We have a riding mower, but I decided I needed some exercise and I needed to get the grass cut before the rain hits. We have super thick grass and it is a nightmare to cut if it gets too long. Add to that the fact I let my chickens free range several hours a day, its well fertilized naturally and well I can't kill this grass. I have tried. I wanted it all to die so I could plant something else. We started out with a yard full of dandelions. The chickens and my attempts to kill the grass killed them off. 


Anywho, I digress. Our house sits on a 1/2 acre. We have small house (1200 sq ft) that sits to the front of the lot and 2 outbuildings, 2 chicken coops that sit at the back of the lot. The front yard is a small modest one, the backyard is huge, one of the appealing factors of us buying the house. The backyard is also fenced which is great for our 3 shar peis and 16 chickens. I got the bright idea last night I was going to push mow this beast. And push mow I did. I had to take numerous water breaks, it was hotter and more humid than I thought, and one Yasso frozen yogurt treat break. I EARNED IT!!! I got all but one little section done before it got too dark. I finished up the back and the majority of the front this morning. I mowed til I hit my exercise goals on my Apple Watch and 5000 steps and then I let my son finish up. 


When I was smoking I would never have dreamed of push mowing this monster of a yard. I would be on my rider puffing away as I mowed. If I had tried push mowing when I was smoking, I would have been huffing and puffing and would have quit after 2-3 passes and got out the rider.  It was hard mowing all that especially since the only shape I am in is round. But I did it. Am I proud of myself? Darn Skippy!!  And BTW my front yard is hill disguised as flat ground. 


I hate to exercise but I like working in the yard. So I think until the grass gets to the point that we don't need to cut it every week, I am just going to push mow. That is two days worth of exercise for me. That is a start. I think just getting in the groove of being active will help. I have become terribly lazy.  I want to start my hiking back up this Fall when the weather is a touch cooler and you just perspire instead of actually melt. 


Food is good. I have been allowing myself some leeway this week as I settle in to eating wholesome foods instead of junk. Measuring and weighing and re-learning the whole portion control thing again. I am pleased with my food choices and I haven't had Cheetos in almost a week. (Note to self: See how many WW points Cheetos are). I haven't really missed the junk because I am staying satiated with foods I am eating. I am never hungry.  I hadn't even thought of Cheetos until just now.  Gonna make sure I prepare myself for work tomorrow. Make sure I have enough snacks and such to carry me through the day. Once again, as with quitting, preparation is key. 


Well I think I have earned myself a small nap or just a lazy afternoon. 


Hope everyone on the east side is staying safe and out of Florence's path.