Bye Bye Overeating

Blog Post created by SoosannahK on Sep 11, 2018

This morning was the first morning that I woke up and my first thought wasn't a cigarette. Making progress there. 

Day 20 smoke free.

Day 2 of WW.


So far on point with my eating per plan.  Replacing junk with fruit and veggies. Had to make some minor adjustments yesterday when I realized the meal I wanted to make for supper required at least 8 hrs marinate time. Really need to read all the way through the recipe next time.  The biggest thing for me is learning portion control and not filling my plate with how much I like. I have pulled out the old food scales and measuring spoons and cups. I also tried to find foods that are low in WW points to replace the sweet and salty junk I crave. Yasso frozen greek yogurt bars in fudge brownie are awesome FYI. Ritz makes some little cracker chip things that take the salty craves away. My husband says they are awesome but I have yet to try them. I opted for celery, cream cheese and sriracha for my afternoon snack today. I have found out that I can eat celery if I take the strings off and cut in small pieces. I just won't tell my orthodontist. This week is a test run of returning to measuring and weighing, replacing junk food with better food etc. So far I don't feel like I am starving and have stayed mostly near my points allowed. Thankfully they have those weekly allotted points you can borrow. 


Planning food, looking for recipes and such are keeping my thoughts from the not smoking.  The craves and urges aren't too bad when I am home, usually first thing in the morning and after eating. Its how I got my day started and how I ended a meal. I am finding other things to try and replace that. I make my coffee first thing, relax with it and then start my day. Thankfully coffee and cigs never went together for me. I would absolutely cry without my coffee. I will gladly give up the cigs, but you can pry my coffee out of my cold dead hands. I switch to decaf after lunch so I can sleep at night. This has actually worked out well. I have tried going off caffeine but it is a huge migraine trigger, but I have decreased my caffeine intake greatly by switching it up in the afternoon. After a meal, I go ahead and start my clean up of the dishes and the kitchen. Get that squared away. But the urges are still there. Hopefully they will go away in the near future. 


Overall, I am feeling good. I am proud of myself for holding tight Sunday evening and not giving in. I am happy my two days of trying to eat proper went well. My weigh in days are on Monday so I still have plenty of time to work on my eating this week. 


Hope everyone is having a great week and safe from the hurricane.